Maintenance Requests

Before Submitting a Maintenance Request Please Check:

  • Smoke detector won’t work when tested or beeps on and off

    Monthly check and replace the battery. Notify maintenance at once if still not working
  • No power to plugs or switches

    Flip the effected breaker all the way off inside the breaker box, wait a few minutes and flip it back on. In addition, there are GFI’s throughout the home. Hit the reset button on all the GFI’s.
  • Garbage disposal won’t work

    Safely check the inside of the disposal making sure it’s clear of any debris. Use allen wrench to rotate motor to dislodge obstruction. Press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal (inside the cabinet).
  • No hot water

    Check thermostat on hot water tank. Is pilot light lit? Check breaker panel
  • Hot water “TOO HOT”

    Check thermostat on hot water tank and turn down.
  • Heater not working

    Check thermostat. Check button or pilot lights. Furnace covers on correctly? Is pilot light lit? Did breaker trip?
  • Faucet or toilet leaks

    Turn off water fixture under sink, toilet at valve and notify maintenance. (Cut offs may be located in a Pex panel- look for white panel, cover is easily removed by lifting slightly and pulling out.)
  • Toilet plugged

    Try plunger. If still plugged call maintenance.
  • Sink plugged

    Using needle nose pliers remove any hair/blockage from drain.
  • Dishwasher won’t drain

    Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher. Clean float. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build up.
  • Refrigerator too warm or too cold

    Check thermostat, set correctly. Are the Front and Back grills clean. Clean out drain hole.
  • Ants

    Use Home Defense which can be purchased from Lowes.
  • Blinds

    Mini blinds will not pull up or down unless the actual slats are in the open position.
  • Garage door not closing all the way

    This is typically due to the sensors being bumped. Make sure they are aligned. Check if there’s anything blocking the eye of the sensors.
  • Garage remotes not working

    Change battery. Still not working then reset all remotes using the button on the opener. Instructions will be on the opener.
  • Ice Maker not working

    Check the waterline in the back of the refrigerator. Make sure the tubing is connected and isn’t kinked. Look in the ice dispenser passage to make sure there isn’t a buildup of ice.
  • Door lock difficult to open

    Use graphite spray into the door lock
  • Light not working

    Replace light bulb; reset the breaker.
  • Dryer not working

    Check the dryer vent located inside the dryer. Make sure all lint is cleared. Check the duct behind the dryer. Make sure it isn’t kinked; it’s clear of blockage and is attached to the wall. Check outside vent clear of blockage.
  • Screen door or Sliding door difficult to open/close

    Rub an unlit candle (the wax) on the track.